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Introduction to cellular respiration | Cellular respiration | Biology | Khan Academy

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Introduction to cellular respiration, including glycolysis, the Krebs Cycle, and the electron transport chain.

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Biology on Khan Academy: Life is beautiful! From atoms to cells, from genes to proteins, from populations to ecosystems, biology is the study of the fascinating and intricate systems that make life possible. Dive in to learn more about the many branches of biology and why they are exciting and important. Covers topics seen in a high school or first-year college biology course.

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Pump it up the ultimate dance workout | The Best Dance Workout

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Pump it up the ultimate dance workout (2004) 720p The Best Dance Workout

1. Heat – 0:01:42
2. Dance It Out – 0:12:01
3. Pump It Up! – 0:32:56
4. Bums & Tums – 0:54:40
5. Chill – 1:02:59

‘Pump It Up – The Ultimate Dance Workout’ mixes dance music with aerobic exercise. Shot on the same location as the video for Eric Prydz’s ‘Call On Me’ the DVD features routines demonstrated and choreographed by Deanne Berry – the beautiful instructor in the music video. Accompanied by the girls from the video Deanne goes through a warm-up, 3 dance workouts and a chill-out cool-down.

Deanne Berry

Franky Wedge (purple and pink leg warmers)
Laura Muncey (violet top and black bottoms)
Laura J Smith (leotard)
Laura Bowley (yellow skirt)
Rosy Hawkins (red and black)
Juan Pablo Dipace

1. Is This Love – Coyote Hearing 0:01:46 (In lieu of ‘American Dream’ by Jakatta )
2. Stand Back – Linus Loves 0:04:35
3. Somebody To Love – Boogie Pimps 0:08:51
4. Loneliness – Tomcraft 0:12:05
5. Satisfaction – Benny Benassi 0:15:25
6. Let The Sunshine – Milk & Sugar 0:20:54
7. Pump It Up – Danzel 0:27:45
8. Do You Know – Angel City 0:33:01
9. Every Little Time – Onyx 0:36:27
10. Sunshine After The Rain – Bel Air feat. Lisa 0:41:22
11. Pasilda – Afro Medusa 0:46:01
12. Golden – Vibe Tracks 0:49:09 (In lieu of “Call On Me’ by Eric Prydz)
13. Get Up, Stand Up – Stellar Project feat. Brandi Emma 0:54:45
14. Get It On – Intenso Project feat. Lisa Scott-Lee 0:58:22
15. Rapture (Soulside Mix) – Ilo 01:03:02
16. Deepest Blue (Jon Hopkin Mix) – Deepest Blue 01:09:32
17. Heaven (Candelight Mix) – DJ Sammy 01:12:55

ATTENTION! You should consult a doctor before doing this or any other workout video. Depending on your physical condition, the advice and exercises in the video may not be good for you. Never do anything that hurts and don’t over exhaust yourself, particularly if you have been inactive, are very overweight, or have or suspect any sort of medical condition that might be worsened by exercise.
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