AmazingBaby Water Baby Carrier

  • Certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and exceeds ASTM International Standards
  • Baby sits lower that traditional carrier (like Baby Bjorn or Snugli) so that you don’t have to go into deep water to play. Adjustable for different water heigts.
  • Exercise for new moms with their baby/infants by using the AmazingBaby Water Based Baby Carrier
  • Made from wetsuit material (neoprene), which is buoyant and easy to Shower off after use
  • Ability to use with special needs baby/infants (8lbs to 32lbs)

The Award Winning AmazingBaby Water Carrier is designed specifically for use in water. The Water Carrier is perfect for the beach, pools, resorts, sporting clubs and even the shower. The Water Carrier allows care givers (parents, grandparents, baby sitters), the ability to safely introduce and enjoy the water with babies/infants from 8 to 32 lbs. The use of the Water Carrier prevents parents from dealing with the danger of slipping and wet wiggly babies. Can I exercise with the AmazingBaby Water

List Price: $ 49.95


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