Assisted Pull-Up Bands, Resistance Band (Single unit) Pull-Up Assist Bands, Resistance Bands Heavy, Elastic Bands Gym, Training Bands #1 Red (XS) 15-25 lbs.1/2″

  • Sale is for a SINGLE BAND. Please choose from our six different resistance/tension levels.
  • Resistance bands are 41″ in length
  • Easy to use with a ton of variety to work all muscle groups, even for aerobics, so you can just exercise different muscle groups. Shoulders, Hips, Arms and Legs exercises every muscle in perfect training,Resistance bands allows you to get fit, lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger and achieve your fitness goals.
  • YOU ARE CURRENTLY VIEWING OUR #1 (Red) Average BAND. This band measures 1/2″. It offers resistance from 15-25 lbs. The #1 band is a popular band and is perfect for light stretching.
  • MULTIPLE BANDS: Do you think you need a #4 band, but concerned it may be too much tension? You can purchase multiple smaller bands to equal the tension of heavier bands. Try the #2 & #3 instead of the #5 or try the #3 & #1 instead of the #4 band. Combining multiple sizes gives you more levels of tension because you can use them individually or you can use them at the same time.

BROADER TRAINING HORIZONS, SUPERIOR RESULTS! Anywhere, Anytime Exercising! Gone are the days when you needed heavy steel equipment to get a satisfactory workout, thanks to Garage Fit resistance loop bands for cross training whose flexibility lets you work out all muscle groups and achieve even better results. Want to continue your exercise routines even while traveling? These portable training bands literally allow you to take your gym wherever you go! Unbreakable! Our heavy duty resistance band

List Price: $ 9.99


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