Big Mike’s Fitness Aerobic Stepper – High Intensity Step Workout With Aerobic Platform Risers Included

  • NON-SLIP PLATFORM : We Understand That Sometimes Things Can Get A Little Rough In Those Tough Aerobic Classes So We Designed The Big Mike’s Fitness Aerobic Stepper With Special Non-Slip Platforms To Prevent Any Accidents And Increase Safety.
  • SAFE FOR ALL AGES : Whether You’re Just Getting Back To Fitness, Or Have Never Even Tried. The Big Mike’s Fitness Exercise Stepper Comes With Sturdy Risers To Increase The Difficulty Level For Each Kind Of User.
  • HEAVY DUTY AND DURABLE – The Big Mike’s Fitness Aerobic Stepper Platform Is Made With A Heavy Duty Plastic With Durable Risers That Can Support Up To 275 Pounds.
  • PORTABLE : The Lightweight Risers Allow For This Product To Be Portable And Easy To Setup. This Aerobic Stepper Is Perfect For Any Home Gym Or Even A Work Gym.
  • GREAT FOR WHOLE BODY WORKOUT : The Big Mike’s Fitness Aerobic Stepper Is The Perfect Tool To Get A Quick Hard Workout, Without Having To Buy A Whole Gyms Worth Of Equipment. Each Step Targets Glutes And Hamstrings with Alternating Lunges. Use Arms To Increase Blood Flow And Workout Intensity.

Step up to a total body workout at home with the Big Mike’s Fitness Aerobic Stepper. The ideal tool for to help boost your workout routine and lose weight. Secure non-slip surface, durable, portable and easy to store. The Big Mike’s Fitness Exercise Platform is a great for targeting glutes and hamstrings. Increase the difficulty by adding more risers. Made with a heavy duty plastic that is non slip, anti shock and can withstand up to 275 pounds.

List Price: $ 49.99


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