BIGAG(TM) Fitness Stepper Twister Exercise Machine Cardio Aerobic Sunny Health (Rosered)

  • No electric, No noise, No shock.
  • The twister help you shed extra kilos from your body instantly; loses you weight to make you look slim and smart.
  • It combines the theories of all kinds of sport machines and the movement gestures.
  • All the movement effects of running machine, treadmill, aerobics and jumping rope.
  • Size: 32*32*30cm; Max. Load:120kg.

It is not difficult use this product, but don’t be impatient at the beginning.
It is better supported by others stand beside you then start it slowly, after mastering, you can fasten the rhythms. It is also very interesting to learn that step by step.
During the operating time, do not jump, the feet and the step plate can’t be divided from the beginning to the end.
It is a simple item, but it can achieve the dream effect of sports.
It is the twist run, not only can make th

List Price: $ 129.00


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