Question by tin2: Can Cardio machine helps in preventing or at least lessen the pain in the joints due to arthritis?
My aunt is considering using the Cardio machine to help her reduce the pain in her knees or prevent the recurrence of arthritis. I wonder if this machine would really help her out with her problem. If yes, how long should she use it and up to what level?

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Answer by pastorbk
Yes they do. Get an elliptical stepper. The motion that your legs take is smooth and in an oval pattern. Recumbent bikes also work well. My mother-in-law has bad arthritis in her back, legs and knees from working as a nurse for 30 years in nursing home lifting heavy elderly people around. She does the recumbent bike 30 minutes a day and swims for an hour every other day. The swimming is absolutely no stress on the joints. The elliptical steppers and recumbent bikes also stress the joints very little. Have her try the equipment before you buy it or she will never use it !!!

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