Learn how use a treadmill, with tips on adjusting the settings, warming up, running and stopping safely in this free cardio fitness video about cardio gym exercise. Expert: David Feraco Bio: Dave Feraco is a certified personal trainer at MG Fitness in Medford, MA. Filmmaker: Paul Ferguson

Here is a tutorial on how to make a mermaid tail of your own. Sorry if my voice fluctuates, I recorded different parts of this at different times over the course of about a month as both tails were completed. Basic Zipper Tutorial: www.youtube.com Basic Elastic Tutorial: www.youtube.com How to Paint Mermaid Flukes: www.youtube.com Special thanks to my mother who did all the sewing (since she doesn’t trust me around her machines yet. 😉 ) I’d also like to thank Molly, Awena, and Coraline for supervising different aspects of the making of the tail and my fiancé for always believing in me and supporting my strange hobbies. __Cleaning and Tail Care__ To care for your tail so it lasts a long time, make sure you clean it. In some public pools there is a chlorine neutralizer rinse next to their water aerobics equipment. I have had no problem dipping my tail in these rinse buckets. This will help get rid of that smell as well. If you have no rinse buckets at your pool, cleaning is still simple. Remove the monofin from the fluke and wash the tail by hand. So far I have used laundry soap on it and it was just fine. Hang the tail to dry. Do NOT put it in the dryer. Heat on the mermaid tail is a big NO-NO since it can ruin the fabric and cause shrinkage and color fading. When you are not swimming in your tail and need to store it, simply take the fin out and hang it on a hanger in the closet. Be sure to keep the fin nearby so you will always know where it is. __Traveling with the
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