Leright Women’s Compression Long Tights Base Layer Running Leggings, Gold, Medium

  • Usually delivery date: USPS 7-15 DAYS
  • ENHANCED PERFORMANCE, LESS SORENESS: Muscle Containment for reduced vibrations & oscillation, less fatigue & muscle damage; Increased circulation for improved muscle performance & faster recovery; Graduated Compression Fit for circulatory benefits
  • SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY: Invista LYCRA? for Certified Gradient Compression; Antibacterial & SPF 50 Sun protection; Breathable & Lightweight; Supports and protects glutes, abductors, IT band, quad, hamstring and calf muscles
  • ACTIVE USE: Training & Competition, Aerobic Sports, Running/Walking/Cycling, Gym & Fitness, General Sports, Paddle & Water Sports, Climbing & Hiking, Winter Sports
  • RECOVERY USE: Post-Exercise Recovery at Rest, Active Recovery, General Travel, Air Travel, DVT Protection

Leright Women’s Compression Long Tights Base Layer Running Leggings

List Price: $ 44.98


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