Question by AJ: What gym equipment or exercises should I use?
I am a 36 DD and i weigh about 145 and ive just started goin to a gym well i want to tone everything and try to reduce the size of my breast so what gym equipment or exercise should i concetrate on?

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Answer by BB Martin
Hey, good going on getting some exercise into your lifestyle. Besides toning and looking good, your body will love you because of all the health benefits exercise provides!

If you want a great form of exercise, want to save money on a gym membership and get into a really effective form of exercise that is fun, look into mini-trampoline exercise. You don’t have to bounce very much to get a lot of benefits.

I’d also suggest getting someone at the gym to help you plan out a routine that gives you some good cardiovascular exercise, like the bike, treadmill or aerobics plus some gentle strength training, which helps your body burn fat and lose inches the most.

Mini-trampoline exercise gives your whole body a cardiovascular and a resistance workout – for every cell in your body.


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