Wrist Ankle Weights Set Leg Weight Comfort Fit Outdoor Workout Training (5 lbs)

  • Designed for durable, easy-to-use weights for ankles or wrists
  • Gripping closure for easy insertion and removal of weight packs
  • Adjustable strap easily adjusts to hug the ankle and wrist for a customized fit
  • Discreet Design is Perfect for Sneaking in Some Exercise During Everyday Activities
  • You can corporate this multifunctional tool into your daily exercises like Running, Leg lifts, Bicycle Crunches, Leg Extension, Pull-ups, Aerobic and many more.

Theses ankle weights are ideally used in gyms to enhance the variety of exercises and add more resistance to trainer’s workout. Ideal for at-home people who want to burn the abdominal fat and tone their body muscles.

List Price: $ 18.56


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