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Every day, people flock to the gym wanting to know how to lose weight and head straight to the treadmill, elliptical or some other cardio machine. This is a big mistake. You see, when it comes to losing weight the fastest…simply concentrating on conditioning is never going to have the best impact. If you want to burn fat or lose more weight you really should focus on both strength training and cardio. Figuring out a way to combine both into the same workout is even better.

In this video, I show you why using cardio machines is not the best way to try and achieve weight loss (especially if you are an athlete). The three biggest problems with treadmills and other cardio machines is that they alter the ground reaction forces normally felt through the foot, passively change muscle activation, and ruin posture.

The most unnoticed of these is the impact that cardio machines can have on your posture. When you think about the placement of the console you realize that in order to view it, you have to look down (unless you are particularly short). When your head drops forward, your shoulders do as well. This results in the classic rounded shoulder posture. The same happens when you are watching your feet while walking on the treadmill. In order to make sure that you don’t become the next big treadmill fail, you constantly check down to see that your feet are still centered on the belt. This has the same effect as looking down at the controls.

Besides this, we also have the negative effects of muscle deactivation. When on a treadmill, your hamstrings and glutes are under active since the belt passively pulls your leg into extension. This is not the case when walking or running outdoors. You actually have to use the strength of the leg muscles to propel you across the ground.

Finally, cardio machines aren’t even the most effective for total calorie burn when trying to lose weight. When your goal is losing weight you need to try to involve as many muscles together as you can in your workouts. This has the effect of achieving more total work which leads to more total calories burned. Not to mention, you can preserve muscle mass that you normally sacrifice with nothing but long distance cardio.

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