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If you use them properly there are 3 cardio machines which can help to lose weight.

These are the rower machine, the treadmill and the stair climber.

– Rowing Machines –

Ergonomic rower is very efficient equipment to burn fat.

The main reason is that it works the entire body.

Therefore, your body needs a lot of energy and oxygen.

For this, it burns a lot of calories.

But it is important to perform the movement properly.

10-25 minutes rowing, depending on your fitness level, can do magic.

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– Stair Climber –

This machine simulates the stair climbing movement, but we can workout continuously.

The stair climbing movement mainly works the leg muscle groups.

Since these are big ones and we use only one leg during the movement, a lot of energy and oxygen is necessary.

In order to maximize the benefits, do not use your arms.

– Treadmills –

Treadmills are definitely the best cardio machines for weight loss.

Running, jogging or even walking are great calorie burners.

However, by increasing the angle of the treadmill can maximize the outcome.

If you are a beginner start on flat and increase the angle gradually.

It does not have to be too steep as if you were walking mountains.

By increasing the angle, you force your muscles to work harder, so energy expenditure goes high.

In my opinion, these are the best cardio machines for weight loss.

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