Carepeutic Betaflex Aerobic Kicking & Boxing Trainer

  • 3-Target professional kicking and Boxing Trainer for aerobic workout and muscle training
  • Rotatable target arms, up and down, forward and backward with adjustable positions for different needs
  • Industrial high quality heavy duty base and steel spring with professional kickboxing standard, capable for extreme gym Use at home
  • High quality PU foam punching ball, inflation is not Required, easy to fill base with water or sand, 144 lbs. capacity
  • Adjustable height with spring mounted punching ball and target arms, suitable for different users

Make yourself look like a professional kick boxer with a complete aerobic workout, taking just 30 minutes of training a day at home or in office. The beta flex aerobic kickboxing Trainer aims to inspire you to be active and optimized all the time. An ideal way to knock out calories, relieve stress, and strengthen your Reflex muscles. This industrial quality kickboxing Trainer features 3 punching targets with patented rotatable target arms, which can be adjusted up and down, forward and backward,

List Price: $ 179.95


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