Elegant Glossy Silicone Wedding Ring (Band) For Women. Thin, Comfortable, Durable. Gift Bag and Silicone Keychain Included – 6mm Wide. 1.75mm Thick – Black, Pink, Teal

  • NEW FASHIONABLE DESIGN: We went beyond premium quality. We chose the best medical grade dense silicone we could find, of course. But we went further and innovated in terms of design. Smooth, distinctive, thin and elegant, this ring is covered with a glamorous protective layer and looks amazing on any finger.
  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE: It’s everything you would expect in terms of durability. It’s waterproof, resistant AND flexible enough to keep you out of trouble or break under immense pressure (which protects the finger). But we made it comfortable as well. Being just 1.75mm thick and 6mm wide, this ring will feel familiar from day one.
  • KEEPS YOU SAFE: Instantly remove the risk of injury, degloving or even finger amputation! This non-toxic, hypoallergenic, alternative to standard rings can be worn safely during gym workouts, cooking, yoga, swimming, hiking, running or water sports. Anywhere, really.
  • NEVER MISPLACE YOUR RING AGAIN (THE BONUSES): Just strap your new silicone ring to the FREE Arua Silicone Keychain we included in the package to always be able to find it. You can also use the FREE GIFT BAG to store your gold, silver or tungsten wedding ring while you wear the ARUA ring.
  • IT MUST FIT – COMPLETE MONEY-BACK or REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. If it doesn’t fit right we will replace it for FREE. Quick and easy, no questions asked. If it’s damaged or breaks away under too much pressure we will, again, replace it for FREE. So there’s no risk involved. Get you ARUA ring today or offer it as a special GIFT to your friend, mom or wife.

NEW EYE-CATCHING DESIGN! A Unique Blend of Elegance and Sturdiness! Your comfort and happiness matter to us. So we tested various sizes, forms and materials and came up with what we believe is the most elegant and comfortable silicone ring for ladies you can get. Designed for active women This finely detailed ring is worn and loved by Moms, Athletes, Doctors, Cooks, Nurses, Technicians, Swimmers, Kayakers, Hikers, and Campers in every state. A must-have item for married or engaged women and a fu


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