Fit Spirit® Set of 2 Super Absorbent 26″ x 4″ Snap Cooling Towels for Sports and Fitness – Green Towels

  • Package Includes: 2pc – 26″x4″ Green Cooling Towels for Sports and Fitness
  • Simply cool: Soak with water, wring it, and snap it back out to activate the innovative cooling technology. If it dries out, soak it again. Absorbent technology keeps you cool, but keeps your clothes dry.
  • Classic comfort: Our cooling towels will feel comfortable and soothing against your skin with our new mesh cooling material featuring reinforced stitching.
  • Versatile: This towel can be used while running, hiking, golfing or whenever you feel the heat!
  • Convenient: Perfect for travel, Fit Spirit’s Cooling Towel is compact and can be rolled up for grab-and-go storage. You can even use your cooling towel as a ready-to-use neck towel on-the-go!

Product Details

Get cooling relief right when you need it with Fit Spirit’s ultra-absorbent cooling towel. The most innovative way to keep your cool under any sweat inducing activity, or in the heat, our cooling towel is made from highly evaporative sponge materials that will hold up to eight times its weight in water. Simply soak it, wring it and use it! Keep your skin hydrated and fully refreshed with Fit Spirit’s functionally practical cooling towel.


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