High-Grade Plastic FITNESS ROCKSTAR Drumsticks for Fitness, Aerobic Classes, Workouts and Exercises • ANTI-SLIP Handles • Green Pair

  • Fitness Rockstar drumsticks are perfect for BEGINNERS or ADVANCED ATHLETES. They were specifically designed for high tension movements: certain weight drumsticks force to improve your body’s balance and coordination which makes you more graceful after an every session. Moreover, they boost your rhythm, speed, endurance and musicality at the same time.
  • Can you believe how INCREDIBLY AND EFFECTIVE DRUMMING is? Burn a ton of calories per hour, improve your muscle strength: chest, back, shoulders, abs, forearms, biceps, triceps and more. Sculpt all your body with Fitness Rockstar drumsticks in a fun way, while listening to your favorite music!
  • Our fitness drumsticks are made of STRONG AND LONG LASTING NYLON PLASTIC which makes drumsticks much more resistant to shock than wooden drumsticks. We promise that Fitness Rockstar drumsticks will no peel off after a few weeks as wooden do. Choose the quality!
  • Every pair has COMFORT ANTI-SLIP HANDLES because we know that sometimes your hands can get sweaty and it is not fun to lose a drumstick while rocking your favorite exercise.
  • We love our customers that’s why we offer not 1 but 5 VIBRANT COLORS – express your personality and be unique while all other fitness classmates will be using the same plane color drumsticks. Do not forget that bright colors also stimulate brains and give you more energy!

Remember the best party of your life – loud, chills giving great music, nice people and sparkling positive vibes around, what can be better? You can feel the same atmosphere in every fitness drumming class or even home – release all the energy and emotions while working out with these really cool FITNESS ROCKSTAR drumsticks. The intense cardio session involves all your body – it strengthens and sculpts your muscles, improves your range of motions and rhythm. With these lightly weighted exercise

List Price: $ 14.99


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