WaterGym Water Aerobics Float Belt for Aqua Jogging and Deep Water Exercise – Size MED/LARGE-Blue

  • COMES IN 2 SIZES: Small and Med/Lrg. SIZING INFO below. New from manufacturer with IMPORTANT fitting instructions.
  • 2016 NEW TAPERED END DESIGN (bottom photo). Ultimate comfort! Won’t bruise, dig or pinch. Thousands sold worldwide.
  • SOFT FOAM: Our unique custom molded, high quality foam is smooth, soft and silky against your skin. Won’t rub or chafe!
  • NOT A LIFESAVING DEVICE. For recreational uses only. Not for children or non-swimmers. See LEGAL DISCLAIMER below!
  • MADE IN U.S.A. Yes it costs a bit more. But we believe in the highest quality products and supporting jobs here at home.

SIZING INFORMATION: The adjustable black elastic strap that weaves through the foam on ALL belt sizes is 50 inches long. Sizes differ only in length and width of blue foam. Your buoyancy needs and waist measurement determines your size. Take a CURRENT waist measurement before proceeding ESPECIALLY if your male as pant sizes are flattering!

SMALL SIZE: BLUE FOAM is approx. 28 x 5½ inches. Black strap is 50 inches. Fits waist sizes 27-50 inches. Pick SMALL if you’re female and have avera


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