Question by Niniva: Aerobics make my knees hurt, any suggestions?
At thirty-four, I’m overweight by twenty five pounds. The nearest public, year-round pool is thirty miles from here. Anytime I work out, my knees swell and ache. The pain increases even when I take two days off between workouts. After two weeks, I begin whincing everytime I make an imperfect movement. After three, I decide that I might as well be a happy, fat sloth.

(My grandmother just passed away due to complications from severe knee degeneration. I’m more afraid of damaging my knees than most people might be because of how horribly her knees hurt her for over four decades.)

During the warmer months, I work as an apartment and house painter. I can barely climb down a ladder because of my knees; they simply won’t bend far enough to reach the next rung. I can usually control that problem with glucosamine + chondroitin + MSM, but any misalignment can leave me stuck at the top of a ladder, or dropping dangerously to the next rung without control.

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Answer by Rev. Two Bears
Aerobics is one of the most dangerous exercizes known to man. With all of the jumpingm and jerking; it breaks down the body instead of building it up.

Please put Aerobics exercize where it truly belongs “In the dustbin of history!”

If you want to work out without hurting yourself; try one of the four suggestions below. I have placed them in the order I recommend them from highest to lowest.

Tai Chi

When you do one of these exercize regimens; push your body only as far as it is willing to go. You do NOT have to have perfect form. As you continue to work out; your body will loosen up, and your body will be able to do the forms better in the future.

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