ALVIN 5 cm BABY BLUE, please select your chosen name under the Color-Tab and you receive it in capital fabric letters to iron on from TrickyBoo Zurich – sew on baptism clothes hobby diy Directoire Victorian crafts Shabby Chic Bauhaus Eucalyptus Christening Zebras Candy 3 4 8 k

  • Trickyboo fabric iron-ons are designed for jazzing up plain children’s clothes and garments.
  • TrickyBoo designer letters patches numbers make an otherwise unremarkable piece of clothing vibrant and unique. You can easily personalize gifts.
  • TrickyBoo fabric iron-on letters patches are used to personalize gifts such as name aprons, name banners, name bags, name t-shirts, name door plates, name decoration in the nursery or the kid’s room. Also you can use them as sew on fabric patches for jeans.
  • TrickyBoo additional information images show ideas how you can use the letters patches for name gift.
  • Directly and swiftly shipped from the designer in Zurich Switzerland with Swiss Priority Post.

Trickyboo Switzerland iron-on clothing letters patches are designed for jazzing up plain children’s clothes and garments or covering a scuffed knee here, a stain there. Personalize gifts easily with Trickyboo, Zurich, Switzerland.


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