Best Seller_6 pk Doodles Inflatable Pool FLOAT Noodles Toy Learn To SWIM Water Aerobics

  • 72-inch long Doodles to ride, sit and climb on
  • Six-pack of 3 straight and 3 curly doodles.
  • Circumference 11″
  • Shipped as two Blue Doodles, two Red Doodles and two Yellow Doodles.
  • Material:Heavy Duty Vinyl

This six pack of inflatable doodles includes three curly and three straight floats in red, blue and yellow. These heavy duty vinyl inflatables measure 72 inches long and are perfect for use by the whole family! Keep them poolside or take them along on trips to the beach or lake. Once deflated they take up no room. Doodles are durable enough for kids to jump on and rough house with but also come in handy when simply lounging in the water. Doodles make learning to swim easy, giving kids water conf


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