Question by SweetnSassy: Can anyone recommend an intense workout video?
Whats a great aerobics video?
i want to buy a high intensity aerobic video, im not getting p90x or anything rediculously expensive like that.If you know of any great aerbics /working/high intensity dance video or anything like that let me know – Im trying to get into shape quickly for a vacation.Thanks!

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Answer by mrbcui
P90x is a great routine, but maybe Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, or 10-minute trainer or some cheaper alternatives.

Also sometime this month another extreme workout called Insanity should be released. It’s the same person who created Hip Hop Abs [Shawn T]. Enter you contact information in the website below to get more information about thes above programs

By the way – Insanity should be released June 20. Contact me if interested

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