Question by Averey: Dance or aerobics classes?
Whre can i take dance and aerobics classes online?link if possible.also how can i build flexibility i want to do the splits soon so also look up sad by maroon 5 dance. I want to dance like her

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Answer by Emma

that is just an advert for online dance classes – contemporary as that is the style you want to learn by the sounds of it.

if you want to be able to do the splits here are some tips and stretches/exercises to help you:

you will need cushions and someone to help you. go as far down into the splits as you can without it hurting. get your helper to put cushions between you and the floor. relax so you aren’t holding yourself up. once this is comfortable, get your helper to remove a cushion. relax so you are resting on the pile of cushions. keep doing this until you are on the floor. (between each cushion try and stay there for 10-15 minutes)

if you have a have a high chest of draws or shelf, try getting your leg up onto this with the other flat on the ground. try and move as close to the object you are using as you can.

also, try starting in jazz splits either with the bent foot at the back or the bent leg at the front.
here are some stretches and quick exesices to do –

the lunge. a popular stretch, you put one foot infront of the other and then bend the back leg completely. try and push the front leg so you have a big space between each foot. you can also do this to the side.

sit with the bottoms of your feet held together with your hands and your legs bent. try and put your nose between your feet. you can also try and stay in this position but push your knees so they are near the floor. as well as this, staying in the same position, bring your feet close to your body – your knees should stick out more.

hope I helped 🙂

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