Shure SM31FH Wireless Fitness Headset Condenser Microphone

  • Wireframe headset fits securely and comfortably for fitness and aerobics instructors
  • Moisture-repellent hydrophobic fabric protects the microphone cartridge from harmful corrosion that occurs in humid environments
  • Flexible gooseneck provides discrete adjustment capabilities to optimize placement for greatest isolation
  • Lightweight and low-profile design won’t fatigue instructors during high-impact use
  • TA4F (TQG) connector is compatible with any Shure wireless body pack

Let’s talk sweat – gross, right? If you instruct fitness classes, or simply give presentations outdoors in the summer or under hot stage lights, you know sweat can wreak havoc on your headset microphone – unless you’re using the Shure SM31FH Fitness Headset. The first thing you’ll noticed is how secure and comfortable this headset is. And Shure integrated moisture-repellant fabric that protects the mic element from corrosion. You can expect crisp, clear vocal reproduction, plus a long lifespan.

List Price: $ 124.00


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