VETRIS [Download]

  • SIMPLE AND CLEAR: Based on four colors and only one simple rule: do not touch the same color squares.
  • ENTERTAINING: Have a great fun and entertainment for many years: play a couple of minutes or as long as you wish, fulfill your leisure time or compete for the Top Ten scores.
  • RELAXING: Relief of everyday stress and anxiety: it works like a brain aerobics, improving memory, providing clear and rational thinking and increased mental agility.
  • UNIVERSAL: Suitable for all ages – from preschool children to adults: everybody can play, with or without any experience, it’s simply irresistible.

INTRODUCTIONThere are 24 all-different V-shape tiles (trominoes). Each tile is divided into three equal squares. Each square is filled with one of four colors. All squares on the same tile are colored in different colors. No any of 24 tiles is exactly the same. This is a set of 24 unique tiles, i.e. no two tiles are exactly the same color pattern. This is a set of 24 V-shape tiles in every combinations of four colors.STARTFIRST, CHOSE THE LEVEL OF YOUR CHOICE: BASIC (1) OR ADVANCED (2) BY MOUSE

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