The Top 6 Health Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise & 3 Simple Ways to Get Started

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** The Top 6 Health Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise & 3 Simple Ways to Get Started **

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In this video, we’re going to discuss the top health benefits of aerobic exercise. Because while a lot of us are familiar with some of the more obvious effects in terms of our cardiovascular health and general fitness, there are some incredible, lesser-known benefits that make aerobic exercise an essential component of our overall health and wellness.

And to give you some additional support in terms of incorporating more aerobic exercise into your routine this week, I’m also going to give you some quick and simple tips on routines and activities you can do to get started. Particularly ones that are very time efficient and effective.

The Top Health Benefits of Aerobic Exercise (0:44)

#1 Helps Build a Stronger Immune System

Most guys don’t know that consistent aerobic exercise is research-proven to keep your immune system strong and help your body ward off common illnesses like the flu or a cold.

#2 Great Way to Burn Fat

Aerobics also increase your fat-burning capacity – long after you’re done exercising: By regularly doing aerobic exercise, your muscles develop a higher number of mitochondria, which help you burn more fat at rest – even when you’re not exercising.

#3 Correlated with a Longer Lifespan

Aerobics help you live longer: According to the newest scientific research, those who engage in aerobic exercise live longer than those who do not.

#4 Helps Improve Your Brain Function

Aerobics make you smarter: New research also shows that aerobics increases your brain’s production of a molecule called Irisin that improves memory and protects our brains against degeneration.

#5 Improves Cardiovascular Health

Aerobics makes your heart stronger: Aerobics train your heart to beat more efficiently, so your heart doesn’t have to work as hard.

That’s why aerobically fit people have lower heart rates than non-fit people. In fact, elite athletes often have resting heart rates as low as 40 beats per minute (the average man over 40 is 90bpm).

#6 Decreases Chance of Disease

Aerobics ward off most major health risks: Studies also show that aerobics help reduce your risk of diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

How to Get Started With Aerobic Exercise (4:20)

Now, after understanding these top benefits of aerobic exercise, it’s also important to look at the best practice for aerobic exercise. Because for those of us with busy schedules, it can be pretty difficult to fit in an hour or two each day of light jogging or running on the treadmill to get these benefits. But thankfully, as you’ll discover in this video, there is a much more time efficient way to get started with aerobic exercise and still see the amazing effects.

#1 Daily Walking
#2 Regular Cardio
#3 Strength & Cardio Circuit Training

So I hope this guide leaves you with some added motivation to incorporate more aerobic exercise into your routine, and some simple ideas on how to get started. Because once you do, I think you’ll find that aerobic exercise is an essential part of creating the healthy lifestyle you’re working towards, and it doesn’t have to eat up a ton of time to make it happen.

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-Dr. Balduzzi + The Men’s Health Experts @ The Fit Father Project

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