Question by Rose: 80’s aerobics instructor costume?
im being an 80’s aerobics instructor for halloween, and i need a costume
pictures would help
i no they wear the leg warmers and hair in a side ponytail with a sweatband, but im stuck there
thanks (:

Best answer:

Answer by Don’t Trickle on Me
You need shiny spandex leggings, with a shiny spandex thong leotard. Bright colors, like turquoise and fuchsia, or turquoise and bright purple. White reebok shoes.
Oh, how I long for the 80’s!

Here are some pictures from an 80’s aerobics show made by BYU, so no thongs, but you can definitely see the popular color schemes.

Also, go to YouTube and search “hooked on aerobics” (that’s the name of this show) and you can watch some videos of them in action.
Have fun!

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