Aerobic exercises are considered as best and easy exercises for weight loss because of its level of intensity and use of more than one muscle in it. Dancing, enjoying and excersing all in one. Watch here how you can do aerobics easily at home and keep yourself fi and healthy.

हेलो दोस्तों, अब योगा के बाद हम आपके लिए एरोबिक्स के वीडियो ला रहे हे, जो आपके स्वस्थ के लिए और स्टैमिना बढ़ाने के लिए बहोत अच्छा विकल्प हे।एरोबिक्स आप अपने घर पैर भी कर सकते हे । ये एक्सरसाइज गर्ल्स ,बॉयज,विमेंस भी कर सकती हे,और अपना वजन काम कर सकती हे अपना स्टैमिना बढ़ा सकती हे। तो आइये देखते कैसे करते हे ये एरोबिक्स एक्सरसाइज।


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shapeupwithpooja is here again with a new aqua aerobics diy tutorial online. In this water aerobics online class you can learn pool exercises done with a water noodle.

These aquafit exercises strengthen your core. Why is a strong core important? A strong core is your insurance against injuries and helps you hold your posture much better. Core muscles are the muscles that hold your spine from front and back.

In under 3 minutes, you can learn water aerobics exercises called (a) Noodle mountain climber (b) Noodle reverse plank kicks. These pool exercises are done using an aqua noodle. This aquafit routine helps you strengthen your core muscles.

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Aqua fun fact at the end. Don’t miss it.
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