Now it’s time to make your workout just a little more challenging. Watch Pooja teach you 3 new exercises in 3 minutes.

Don’t forget to check out the Aqua Fun Fact at the end of the video(Hint:why you are less likely to feel pain and soreness on the day after an intense pool workout).

Don’t know how to swim? No problem! These exercises are performed in shallow water and don’t require swimming. So jump right in and make a splash!

This water aerobics tutorial by shapeupwithpooja challenges you with a boot camp in water. This set of exercises do not need any equipment.

What you’ll learn in this water aerobics diy tutorial:
(1)Flutter Kicks
(2)Spiderman – workout your lower ab muscles
(3)Push ups – an excellent cardio workout

Bonus: High knee run/High knee jogging.

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