The swords are drawn if you are serious about the anti-aging battle. Face fitness aerobics is a great sword to wield to get rid of forehead frown lines, before they worsen with time.

In Wendy’s face reshaping system we discover how to shrink and banish ugly eye bags and dark raccoon circles from the eye area with face stimulation workouts.

Wendy Wilken reveals how to sharpen and reshape the jawline, cheekbones, and face structure for better looks.

Learn how to plump up gaunt and hollow areas such as cheeks, chin, jawline, and the base of the neck.

This world famous face yoga exercise program discloses where to locate the acupressure points on the face and throat, and how to massage these points for boosted benefits and faster results towards an at home non-surgical facelift.

It shows you how to complete your own natural DIY facelift, reverse the aging process, and restore your looks to their former youthful appearance, or as near as possible!

Her face yoga program shows you how to use relaxation techniques to reduce stress while you simultaneously apply the simple face workout regimens to the face and neck – to fast forward that elusive younger looking skin and glowing complexion.

Facial training gymnastics employs your own fingertips to tone, tauten, and raise hanging face skin to minimize and remove wrinkles, forever. Creases on your brow should be foremost to tackle, because they can age a person horribly.

Decrease wrinkles and elevate skin for a leaner face and line-free face with Wendy Wilken’s homemade facelift program. Check out more about face reflexology remedies at


Wendy Wilken’s facial exercise program called “Facelift Without Surgery” teaches women and men to obtain a DIY non-surgical facelift with their fingertips. If you follow the face workout regimens diligently, you could look 10 to 15 years younger within 30 days. To see the benefits, we advise people to take “before and after” photos so that they can see the difference that the face reflexology routines make on their face and neck, in their journey to look young once again.

Here is how her non-invasive facelift program can help to minimize, or get rid of face and throat aging symptoms, whether you are young or old:

1. Face firming gymnastics are very effective and will tone, raise, and firm up turkey neck (tighten saggy neck skin) – which is the same thing as a no surgery neck lift.

2. Double chin exercises will help with lessening and tightening the tissue and loose skin along the jawline. This will give you a leaner face.

3. Need help with drooping jowls? Face fitness therapy will buoy up, tauten, and eliminate hanging hog jowls, naturally.

4. Anti-aging face strengthening remedies will limit, fade out, or eradicate laughter and smile furrows, also known as nasal or nasolabial folds.

5. Yoga cheek massaging treatments will tighten and reduce chubby, wilting cheeks, and help one lose face fat for a slimmer, thinner face.

6. Acupressure face rubbing can be done in full holistic facelift format, or as organic mini facelifts.

7. Facial training therapy is practiced with the fingertips to induce a glowing, younger looking skin, and improve an overall complexion.

8. Face flexing yoga is ideal for stripping off, or banishing unsightly puffy eye bags.

9. Wendy Wilken’s facial restoration system will inhibit and fade out black spots, and rings around the eyes.

10. A facial revitalization solution is an ideal cure for bags beneath the eyes. By kneading in the ridge of the eye sockets (just below the eyes) you will dissipate fatty deposits that collect there, which will diminish or even expel unsightly bulbous eye bags.

11. Face revival procedures will lessen or erase crow’s feet and under eye lines. Acupressure manipulation techniques work better than any at home remedy for eye creases.

12. Facial fitness treatments are excellent for minimizing and stripping off deep lines and creases on the forehead. Massage regimens done on the brow will fade frown furrows quickly, thus making a person look years younger than their current age.

So, for those who want to ask: “Does face stimulation and rejuvenation work?” my reply is “yes”; provided you practice the facial renewal remedies at least weekly as an anti-aging skin care solution. Face toning is the best homemade treatment for age-regression and you’ll be amazed at the results, within days of starting Wendy Wilken’s oriental facelift approach.

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