Question by ☆skyblue: How many calories am I burning per step aerobics class?
I just started taking a step aerobics class and I have no idea how many calories I’m burning. The class is 30 minutes of stepping and 20 minutes of abs and free weights. The step is approx. 10″ high (I don’t use any risers). I’m 5′-5″ about 190 lbs. I’m doing other physical activities on the days I don’t have class, but just need to know about the calories during step aerobics class.

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Answer by Brad K
Sorry to tell you, but it will decrease as you become more fit. The body adapts rapidly to exercise, so the more you work out, the harder you will have to work to burn the same number of calories. The best thing to do is get a heart rate monitor and work out for a certain amount of time at your target heart rate, otherwise you will hit a Wall once your workout and your body reach equilibrium.

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