Question by Nothing interesting: is it possible to do aerobics?
high impact aerobics and to still smoke a little? trying very hard to quit (it’s so hard.. but hanging in there only smoke like a few a week) is it still ok to do aerobics while i’m working on quiting? it won’t hurt my lungs or heart right?

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Answer by ilse72
High impact aerobics are fine as long are you are healthy. See your doctor for a complete physical first. Then, if he finds no contra-indications, you are good to go. You may have some trouble keeping up with the others due to the smoking but, in the long run, the exercise is not only good for your body, it is good for your lungs and heart.

Yes, it is hard to quit smoking but keep at it and you will succeed! When you do, your lungs, heart, lung capacity, health and pocketbook will all thank you.

Now get that physical and have fun with aerobics! Good luck!

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