Tailor-made Hobo Bohemian Hippie Yoga Meditation Kung Fu Massage Sports Acrobatics Aerobics Psy Dance Summer Pants Night Wear Classic Cotton Gauchos Unisex Pants Maternity Beach Trousers Aladdin/ Arabian Afghani Pants Banjara Pants with Waist Adjustable Strings on Front and Elastic on Back Made in Nepal By Shangri-la Nook

  • Excellent fit for any figure, this style provides the absolute ultimate in comfort as well as style
  • It has an elastic waist that adjusts to you rather than you having to adjust to it
  • It is tailored made and does not have machine made finish
  • Unisex and free size .Unique, fashionable, bold and beautiful
  • Comfortable for summer beach walking,sports

These pants are a hot fashion item .These are perfect for those that seek comfortable loose fitting clothes. They can be worn anytime day or night, whenever you are looking for that comfortable feeling. Their light and ‘airy’ feel makes them ideal for hot climates and comfortable for almost any activity not requiring better protection, while still looking respectable enough to walk into most establishments without looking as if you just came in from the beach. Although originally used by farmers

List Price: $ 59.99


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