Question by Phillip: What is Water Aerobics and Aqua Jogging?
I’m signing up for swim lessons and I see Water Aerobics and Aqua Jogging on the schedule. What is it? What do the classes involve?

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Answer by Kristy
Water Aerobics usually takes place in the shallow end of the pool. The participants follow an instructor who does aerobics moves sometimes using styrofoam or other floating resistance weights. They do the exact smae things as on-lang aerobics classes but with less impact on the joints and more resistance.

Aqua Jogging takes place in the deep end of the ppol where you can’t touch. An aquajog belt keeps your upright and you “run” through the water using arms and legs in a jogging motion. It’s low-impact and perfect for injury recovery and eldery people.

Both classes are low impact and cardio-focused. You normally do not have to know how to swim to do either but they usually recommend you can swim for the aqua jog classes because of the depth factor. This varies from facility to facility.

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