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Fit for Duty – High-Energy, Low-Impact Aerobics

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Aerobics doesn’t have to be high impact to be effective. MAJ Lisa Lourey shows us a low impact routine that still packs a punch.
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Most popular Aerobics Equipment auctions

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Recommendations for a good aerobics video?

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Question by aml0017: Recommendations for a good aerobics video?
I am currently eating healthy and exercising (walking and light strength training). However, I want to keep some variety so I don’t get bored, which I sometimes do. I would like to try an aerobics video that I can alternate with walking for cardiio. I am looking for something 30-45 minutes at beginner to intermediate level, and no equipment required. I do have a tae bo video, but it is a little too advanced for my fitness level, I will save it for later. Oh, and if it is fun, that would help.

Any suggestions?
Anyone tried Yoga booty ballet?

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Answer by bella361
the Firm makes (or used to make great exercise videos) and i saw results fast …..also if jazzercise makes a video that would be worth it….their workouts are the best by far…..35 min of dance to current music then the rest is floor work they mix up…weight training to involve all muscle groups

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