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Latest Aerobics How To auctions

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Some recent aerobics how to auctions on eBay:

want to learn aerobics…..?

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Question by priya_singh282002: want to learn aerobics…..?
pls tell me a site where i can learn aerobics online for free.

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Answer by LEO
i do not know of a sit that do’s it online but i think that you could try google of (YAHOO) lol but i hope you find one!

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Certified Group Aerobics Instructor?

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Question by meredith h: Certified Group Aerobics Instructor?
I have an internship to teach cardio dance next month but i need to be certified first. I have been studying like crazy but I am reallllly nervous. I need to perform one excersice with 3 variations …..Any ideas?????

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Answer by lissenin
You’ve done the training and you want others to ‘qualify’ you?
C’mon it aint that difficult, only three variations!

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How to Do a Deep Water Workout | Water Aerobics

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Watch more How to Do Water Aerobics videos: Learn how to do a water aerobics deep wate…
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Watch more How to Do Water Aerobics videos: Learn how to combine water aerobics movemen…
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Step Aerobic Cardio Exercise treadmill bike stair Machine yoga mat equipment wow

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Aerobics Equipment on eBay:

Q&A: aerobics good for toning?

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Question by : aerobics good for toning?

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Answer by Andie
Aerobics is good for weight loss.

An aerobic workout that is GREAT for toning the legs is step aerobics. It will give you some gorgeous legs.

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