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Aqua dumbbells workout tutorial – Learn aqua aerobics online

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In this water aerobics free online tutorial , shapeupwithpooja shows you how to strengthen your core muscles and get a chiseled, toned body.

(Pooja’s aqua aerobics classes in Bangalore are ON right now. More info here:

Aqua Aerobics Exercises that you’ll learn in this video:
Dumbbell Passover: an excellent water aerobics workout for lower abs and shoulders
Dumbbell flutter kicks: great aquafit workout for pectoral muscles and legs

Also learn how aqua aerobics can help you balance out muscle groups that have become uneven with repetitive exercises on ground.

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Aerobics: Upper body workout with weights

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Beginner Aerobics Weight Loss Cardio/Sculpt Exercise Video (Resist-a-Band=Theraband optional)

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This is a 30 minute beginner aerobics weight loss cardio and sculpt exercise workout video. You do not need a resist-a-band or theraband. If you have a set of hand weights that is another option. All moves are low impact and this workout moves at a beginner pace. No hard moves or choreography. Thebeachbodymom creates low impact and simple to follow exercise workout videos everyone can workout to.

Please watch: “30 Minute Full-Body Workout to Burn Calories | Fat Burning Cardio Workout | Beginner/Intermediate”

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Shaun T’s 5-Minute Fat-Blasting Workout

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Dr. Oz puts Shaun T’s quick new workout to the test! You’ll be feeling a total-body burn in just five minutes.
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Step ‘n Sculpt

Heart-Pumping Step Aerobics

Simple, heart-pumping step aerobics routines combine with strength training intervals to give you a complete cardio and weights workout. This is an excellent cross-training class for all skill and fitness levels. You may be surprised to actually enjoy sculpting your body and following step combinations.

Come to class in comfortable workout clothes and athletic shoes. Grab some weights, set up a step platform and be prepared to sweat as you strengthen your entire body.
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20 Minute Walk at Home Exercise | Fitness Videos

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Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home
Walk at home workout
Walking workout
Walking workouts
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